Spanish Fly Shark Tournament

April 5, 2024 @ 5:00PM — April 7, 2024 @ 10:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) Add to Calendar

Key West Yacht Club: 2315 N Roosevelt Blvd Key West, FL 33040 Get Directions

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Spanish Fly Shark Tournament

Most Bull Sharks Wins! Many in the fishing community in North America have seen a rise in the presence of sharks over the years. Although JWF has no official stance on any regulations one thing is apparent. We are seeing more sharks than ever. The tax man comes to collect much more frequently than in the past. Long term JWF would like to create a network of anglers to report shark catches, and shark depredation activity, and provide that data to the organizations that make and infulence the rules and regulations. In the meantime lets make shark fishing fun! We are actively looking for partners to integrate a conversation aspect such as tagging and supplying catch records to conservation organizations.To our knowledge there has never been a stock assessment of bull sharks in the Keys, so lets collect some data and raise some money to make fishing dreams come true. This is the only tournament in the Keys with an inshore and offshore division, and the only inshore that offers a Calcutta Cash prize.

Spanish Fly Shark Tournament Rules

Tournament Event Schedule

Friday, April 5th, 20245pm. Registration, Appetizers, Cash Bar

Key West Yacht Club Gazebo

2315 N Roosevelt Blvd, Key West, FL 33040

Friday, April 5th, 20247pm Mandatory Captains Meeting

Key West Yacht Club Gazebo

2315 N Roosevelt Blvd, Key West, FL 33040

Saturday April 6 and Sunday 7th 2024 Fishing

Lines in 8am.Lines Out 4pm Team results are to be uploaded (with-in cell

range) to Fishing Chaos no later than 6:30pm to qualify.

Sunday April 7th, 2024 7pm Awards Dinner

Key West Yacht Club Dining Room

2315 N Roosevelt Blvd, Key West, FL 33040

Spanish Fly Shark Tournament Official Rules and Information

Entry Fee

Pre-registration available for $475 until March 29, 2024 online ONLY


April 5 on site $500Cash, Checks, or Online.Checks made payable to Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation

No entries will be accepted after the conclusion of the mandatory Captain’s Meeting Friday, April 5 7pm

Dinner Fees

Additional social passes for Award Ceremony and Dinner can be purchased

HMS Permit

All competing boat owners/operators are required to possess a valid HMS Permit, with Shark Endorsement. This permit covers all team members aboard each vessel. HMS Permits with Shark Endorsement must be submitted at the mandatory captains meeting in-order to compete.

Required HMS Permit, with Shark Endorsement can be obtained at The process takes approximately 45min, and costs $26.

Fishing License

All participation anglers must possess a valid Florida Saltwater Fishing License, where required.


Teams may include a max of 4 anglers excluding the captain. Captains are not required to be USCG qualified. Captains are permitted to fish.

Only competing team members aboard each vessel are permitted to fish.

Eligible Anglers

No changes or substitutions are permitted except for the captain if he is not fishing.Members of the Tournament Rules Committee are not eligible to compete.

Fishing Chaos

For registration, scoring and check-in purposes, competing teams are required to use the

Fishing Chaos application via at least one smartphone per team.There will be a tutorial available online, and at the Captains Meeting.

Multiple anglers can log their catch on their phones if they have a Fishing Chaos account and must be linked to their team.This will also be covered in the tutorial.


The Spanish Fly Shark Tournament will consist of an inshore division (25 teams), and an offshore division (25 teams). Same rules apply to both divisions. Teams may NOT compete in both.

Eligible Fish

Bull sharks are the only species of fish eligible for scoring.

Once the shark takes the bait and the reel is engaged only one angler can touch the rod and reel and catch the fish for them to score.

Fishing Regulations

All anglers/captains must comply with state and federal boating and fishing regulations with appropriate licenses and necessary documentation.


No chumming/fishing before 8am (Lines in). No Tarpon, Permit, or Snapper/Grouper are to be used as chum, bait, or attractant. This means catching tarpon, permit, or snapper/grouper to attract sharks is not allowable. Honor system expected. Complaints/proof of such act will result in disqualification. All other forms of legal chumming and live/dead baiting is permitted.


Rod and reel only, electric reels are not permitted. Only in-line, non-stainless circle hooks are permitted. Only ONE hook can be used per rig. Any size leader configuration is allowable. There are no restrictions for line tests.

Best Practices

It is suggested that there are photos taken on more than one phone, and more than one

angler has a Fishing Chaos account linked to the tournament.We’ve all lost phones to

the ocean.

It is suggested that a brief video of the hook up, and release are documented in the event there is a protest of any kind to be used as evidence.


Anglers are encouraged to “quick release”, with boat at idle speed. NO handling of the shark is permitted, only the leader may be touched prior to release. Wire leader should be cut close to the hook as possible. The shark’s gills must remain wet at all times.


Fishing boundaries are to include all waters surrounding the Florida Keys, excluding designated swim areas. Captains are expected to stay well clear of any dive boats or known areas where people swim and assume all liability for their decisions.


There is no weather committee. Fishing is up to the decision of the captains who assume all liability for their decisions.


Any team that purposely kills a shark by any method will be disqualified.


Any protest concerning the conduct of the angler or team with a rules violation must be filed in writing with the Tournament Committee the day of the alleged violation, no later than 6pm.A refundable fee of $150 is required with proof of said violation.

Scoring & Check-in

Whichever team catches the most Bull Sharks is eligible to place.1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded. Scoring is based off the successful catch and release of Bull Sharks ONLY. Each qualifying catch photo uploaded to Fishing Chaos will count as 100 points.


A qualifying catch counts ONLY with photo evidence. Photo must include entire shark boat side, with leader in hand, and supplied key identifier. Photo MUST then be uploaded to Fishing Chaos immediately after release to qualify.

There are no shark size limitations.Sharks hooked before 4pm and caught afterward count, ONLY with timestamped photo/video evidence prior to lines-out, 4pm. Team results are to be uploaded (with-in cell range) to Fishing Chaos no later than 6:30pm to qualify.


Each picture taken will be individually approved by Tournament Committee.Because Fishing Chaos has a LIVE LEADERBOARD available for anyone to view, we must ensure that no inappropriate photos are published, and that the picture taken is identifiable as a bull shark.Tournament Committee can approve or deny any submission for any reason.

Key Identifier

A key identifier will be messaged to you…or write the key identifier word on any teammates hand or piece of paper. The key identifier must be pictured in the photo of the shark to be uploaded to Fishing Chaos. Key Identifier will change each fishing day.You will be sent a message via text, and through the Fishing Chaos App the day of with what the Key Identifier is for that day.


In the event of a tie, the last shark caught first wins. This timing will be based off when the qualifying photo is uploaded to Fishing Chaos.

Check In

In person check-in during fishing days is NOT required. Instead, teams must check-in via Fishing Chaos promptly after lines-in. Teams can depart from any location within stated fishing boundaries in the morning of each fishing day, and can be on their “spot” before lines-in.

Honor system expected.


Winning teams will be subject to a polygraph test. Keep in mind, at least one team member must remain alcohol free/sober to take this test


Teams are encouraged to participate in a separate cash Calcutta as a competitive benefactor. Calcutta payout will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams. First place receives 45%, second place receives 25%, and third place 15%. The remaining 15% will benefit the Jose Wejebe Spanish Fly Memorial Foundation.

The Calcutta buy-in is separate from the $500 registration fee. The Calcutta cost per team will be voted on by those willing to compete at the mandatory captain’s meeting.

W9 Forms will be supplied to submit to the IRS.

Both inshore and offshore divisions will have separate Calcutta’s. Only competing teams that buy-in are eligible for pay-out. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pay-outs will be based off score.

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